Girls Day Plan Comeback in January 2014


Dream Tea Ent. Girls Day announced that the planned return to the local music industry in January. In an interview with Star news, the agency commented, We are working on an album with the intention of a comeback in the first week of January.”

Fans can look forward to the fourth girl is back with a mini album which is predicted to show the concept of the group is a mainstay of cute yet sexy.

Through songs like “Expectation” and Female President,” GirlsDay confirmed their status as a cute, sexy and powerful vocals in the Kpop industry.

The Group continues to strive to bring quality music and raise public anticipation of their next album. Although the exact date has not been confirmed, the public expect to see them in early 2014.


Dream Tea Ent. mengumumkan bahwa Girls Day merencanakan kembali ke industri musik lokal bulan Januari mendatang. Dalam wawancara dengan Star news, agensi berkomentar,”Kami sedang mengerjakan album dengan niat comeback di minggu pertama Januari.”


Penggemar bisa menantikan keempat gadis ini kembali dengan album mini yang diprediksi menampilkan konsep andalan grup yaitu lucu namun seksi.

Melalui lagu seperti “Expectation” dan “Female President,” Girls’ Day mengukuhkan status mereka sebagai cute, seksi dan berkekuatan vokal di industri Kpop.

Grup ini terus berusaha membawa musik berkualitas dan menaikkan antisipasi publik akan album mereka selanjutnya. Meskipun tanggal pasti belum dikonfirmasi, publik mengharapkan melihat mereka pada awal 2014.


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