Is SHINee Taemin So Cameo in ‘The Heirs’?


What do SHINee Taemin wearing a school uniform Jeguk High Schoolfrom SBS drama The Heirs?

December 3, Taemin photos circulating on weibo, shows him wearing the same uniform worn by students in uniform popular drama, The Heirs.

With a style that Taemin as he was in school, many netizens thought if Taemin will be a surprise cameo in this drama.

However, SBS stated that Taemin will not appear in the drama as a cameo. It was reported that he was shooting for the end of year awards ceremony.


Apa yang dilakukan Taemin SHINee dengan mengenakan seragam sekolah ‘Jeguk High School’ dari drama  SBS The Heirs?

Tanggal 3 Desember, foto Taemin beredar di weibo, menunjukkan dirinya mengenakan seragam yang sama dengan seragam yang dikenakan siswa di drama populer, The Heirs.

Dengan gaya Taemin yang seolah ia berada di sekolah, banyak netizen mengira jika Taemin akan menjadi kameo kejutan di drama ini.


Namun SBS menyatakan bahwa Taemin tidak akan tampil di drama sebagai kameo. Dilaporkan bahwa ia sedang syuting untuk upacara penghargaan akhir tahun.
Photo Credit: Online Community, SBS

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