It’s a Sexy Christmas for Troublemaker’s Ceci Pictorial

troublemaker 1

Troublemaker are ready for a sexy Christmas with the December issue of Céci. They will be on the cover for the magazine that will be printed in Korea, China, and Thailand.

For this pictorial, this trendy Asian couple will confirm once again that they are currently living their glory days as the Asian style icon couple. This is the first time the singers have posed together as a couple for a major brand magazine. The anticipation is great, and many Chinese and Thai fans are asking around whether the issue has been out yet.

The concept for this pictorial is, “Christmas in Trouble.” The photos will be as sexy, provocative and very sensual as their “Now” music video with many additional stylish oufits.

One of the staff who was present during the pictorial shoot said, “The shooting went on from early morning to late night. As well as the people on set, the Trouble Maker couple was very enthusiastic and hard-working, something the staff really admired and was even surprised at. The singers looked like they were having fun as well and took care of each other. The atmosphere of the shooting was very much like an actual Christmas party.”


Troublemaker siap untuk Natal yang seksi di edisi bulan Desember ini. Mereka akan berada di sampul majalah CeCi yang akan dicetak di Korea , Cina , dan Thailand.

Konsep untuk kali ini adalah ‘Christmas in Trouble’. Mereka terlihat begitu seksi, provokatif dan sangat sensual. Ini pertama kalinya dua orang penyanyi yang berduet, berpose bersama sebagai sebuah pasangan di suatu majalah.

Salah satu staf yang hadir mengatakan , “Pengambilan gambar itu berlangsung dari pagi sampai larut malam. Troublemaker sangat antusias dan bekerja keras, beberapa staf benar-benar kagum dan bahkan terkejut . Mereka tampak bersenang-senang dan memperhatikan satu sama lain. Suasana saat itu sangat ramai seperti suasan pesta Natal yang sebenarnya.”

troublemaker 2


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