Next 7 biggest agency in South Korea

5. Cube Entertainment

Artists: B2ST, 4minute, A Pink, etc..

Location Cube Entertainment building looks like neighborly’ with building a second agency JYP Ent and SM Ent namely in Cheongdamdong, Gangnam.

Has a design similar to the building YG Ent, Ent Cube building is quite futuristic and modern.

It’s just the size that looks not too big, maybe some people will think it’s just one of the luxury class cafe.


5. Cube Entertainment –

Artis-artis: B2ST, 4minute, A Pink, dll.

Lokasi gedung Cube Entertainment sepertinya ‘bertetangga’ dengan gedung agensi kedua SM Ent dan JYP Ent yakni di Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

Memiliki desain hampir mirip dengan gedung YG Ent, gedung Cube Ent cukup futuristik dan modern.

Hanya saja dengan ukurannya yang tampak tak terlalu besar, mungkin beberapa orang akan mengira itu hanya salah satu cafe berkelas yang mewah.


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