SHINee Minho consider joining in the drama “Top Medical Team”



Will SHINee Minho returned to the screen?

Sources from the industry say the chances of high drama, because Minho is considering more carefully and saw the drama “Top Medical Team.” It was first reported by Sports Seoul that Minho was casted for a role in the drama Kim Sung Woo,

3 year student in the department of chest surgery. SM Ent response to this news, as reported by the Daily TV that Minho is considering positively this drama has not been confirmed yet. “There are still obstacles to be overcome, and therefore must be adapted to the promotion of the album SHINee, we have not been able to confirm it.”

“Top Medical Team” will be a drama about a doctor with expertise they join a team. The drama will be directed by Kim Do Hoon, who led drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” and written by Yoon Kyung Ah, playwright “Brain.” Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryeo Won has been confirmed for this drama.


Akankah SHINee Minho kembali ke layar kaca?


Sumber dari industri drama mengatakan kemungkinan itu tinggi, karena Minho sedang mempertimbangkan dan melihat lebih seksama drama “Medical Top Team.” Itu dikabarkan pertama kali melalui Sports Seoul bahwa Minho dikasting di drama itu untuk peran Kim Sung Woo,

mahasiswa tingkat 3 di departemen operasi bedah bagian dada. SM Ent merespon berita ini, seperti dilansir TV Daily bahwa Minho sedang mempertimbangkan secara positif drama ini namun belum dikonfirmasi.”Masih ada halangan yang harus diatasi, dan karena harus disesuaikan dengan promosi album SHINee, kami belum bisa mengkonfirmasinya.”

“Medical Top Team” akan menjadi drama tentang dokter dengan keahlian mereka bergabung menjadi tim. Drama ini akan disutradarai oleh Kim Do Hoon yang memimpin drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” dan ditulis oleh Yoon Kyung Ah, penulis drama “Brain.” Kwon Sang Woo dan Jung Ryeo Won telah dikonfirmasi untuk drama ini.


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