Jay Park Shows the newest Hair Pieces



Jay Park showed off his new haircut to fans.

More recently, his hair had grown a bit long, so he had to shave his head so as not to obstruct the face. And he solved the problem by wearing his trademark Mohawk hairdo.

He posted a picture of his new haircut to Instagram and wrote, I just cut hair herrrrrrrrr # aomg“.

According haebaragi how Jay Park‘s new haircut?


Jay Park memamerkan potongan rambut barunya untuk fans.

Baru-baru ini, rambutnya sudah tumbuh sedikit panjang, jadi dia telah mencukur rambutnya agar tidak menghalangi wajah. Dan dia memecahkan masalah dengan memakai model rambut mohawk khasnya.

Dia memposting foto potongan rambut barunya ke Instagram dan menulis, “Aku baru memotong rambut herrrrrrrrr #aomg”.

Menurut haebaragi bagaimana potongan rambut baru Jay Park?


Source : allkpop

Indotrans : tiarakim@koreanindo.net



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