Choosing a Plastic Surgeon Idol 5 Most Beautiful Women Eye



Everyone has different opinions related to beauty, but how did the plastic surgeon?

Curious about their opinion, bntNews conducted a survey of plastic surgeons opinion and sign up the best 5.

Check the following result.

5. 4minute‘s HyunA

4. Krystal f (x)

3. SECRET Sunhwa

2. SNSD YoonA

1. Miss A’s Suzy


Setiap orang punya pendapat yang berbeda terkait kecantikan, namun bagaimana menurut ahli bedah plastik?

Penasaran akan pendapat mereka, bntNews melakukan survei terhadap pendapat ahli bedah plastik dan mendaftar 5 terbaik.

Cek hasilnya berikut ini.

5. HyunA 4minute

4. Krystal f(x)

3. Sunhwa SECRET

2. YoonA SNSD

1. Suzy miss A

source: allkpop
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  1. For your information, Hyuna didn’t get plastic surgery on her face!

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