Henry Shows Smooth Squad for magazine ‘Grazia’


Henry showed off his back is smooth in the final photo shoot with fashion magazine Grazia’. Photos from the shoot have been released on July 4, shows Henry back muscles as he casually look elsewhere.

While Henry was shirtless before, especially for his first solo album, Trap’, these photos reveal Henry without the colorful tattoos that he used in the teaser and photo album.

It is said that many members of staff praised Henry’s perfect figure. In an interview with Grazia, Henry talks about the audition process as well as his solo trip today.

Majalahini will be released on July 5. Meanwhile, Henry continues to campaign for Trap, and received a lot of attention for his musical abilities.


Henry memamerkan punggungnya yang mulus dalam pemotretan terakhir dengan majalah fashion ‘Grazia’. Foto dari pemotretan tersebut telah dirilis pada 4 Juli, menunjukkan otot punggung Henry saat ia dengan santai melihat di tempat lain.

Sementara Henry sudah bertelanjang dada sebelumnya, terutama untuk album solo pertamanya,’ Trap’, foto-foto ini mengungkapkan Henry tanpa tato warna-warni yang ia gunakan di teaser dan foto album.

Dikatakan bahwa banyak anggota staf memuji sosok Henry yang sempurna. Dalam wawancara dengan Grazia, Henry berbicara tentang proses audisi serta perjalanan solonya saat ini.

Majalahini ini akan dirilis pada tanggal 5 Juli. Sementara itu, Henry terus melakukan promosi untuk Trap, dan menerima banyak perhatian untuk kemampuan musiknya.


Source: enewsworld

indotrans: kidihae@koreanindo.net



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  1. He really handsome like a prince…. ^^

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