Miss A’s Min belatedly celebrate his birthday with his friends



Although it’s been a few days since Miss A Min‘s birthday, but it seems some of his friends celebrated the very special day yesterday.

His close friend, G.NA uploaded the birthday party pictures to her Instagram account today, shows Min ylang year celebrating with friends. Guests present there appears to be Seohyun and Hyoyeon Girls‘ Generation, KARA Nicole, comedian Kim Shin Young, and fellow members of Miss A, Jia!


Meskipun sudah beberapa hari sejak ulang tahun Min Miss A, namun tampaknya beberapa dari teman-temannya baru merayakan hari yang sangat istimewa tersebut kemarin.

Teman dekatnya, G.NA mengupload gambar pesta ulang tahun tersebut ke akun Instagram-nya hari ini, menunjukkan Min merayakan ylang tahun dengan teman-teman. Tamu yang hadir tampak ada Seohyun dan Hyoyeon Girls’ Generation, Nicole KARA, komedian Kim Shin Young, dan sesama member Miss A, Jia!


Source : allkpop

Indotrans : tiarakim@koreanindo.net


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