Kim Hyun Joong Natural ‘Accident Costume’ Little in ‘Barefoot Friends’


Kim Hyun Joong had embarrassing moments in the latest episode of Barefoot Friends’ costume in which he had an accident while swimming match.

In the latest episode, the members went on to learn to dive. When playing pool with some kids diving athletes, Kim Hyun Joong to panic when suddenly sagging pants. Fortunately he was wearing shorts under his pants, so that saved him from a major accident.


Kim Hyun Joong mengalami kejadian memalukan dalam episode terbaru ‘Barefoot Friends’ dimana ia mengalami kecelakaan kostum saat pertandingan renang.


Dalam episode terbaru, para member melanjutkan belajar menyelam. Ketika bertanding renang dengan beberapa atlet menyelam anak-anak, Kim Hyun Joong menjadi panik ketika celananya mendadak melorot. Untungnya ia mengenakan celana pendek dibawah celananya, sehingga menyelamatkannya dari kecelakaan besar.


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