[ENG SUB] 10 K-pop Doppelgangers


Taking the ever increasing span of the K-pop sphere into consideration, we’re bound to run into similar looking stars. It could very well just be a distinct feature that reminds us of another idol, or it could be the face entirely.


However, the resemblance isn’t exclusively confined to K-pop idols. It’s not altogether uncommon for people to remark on how similar you look to your siblings, or for people to say, “You remind me of someone…” 


I understand the comments regarding how closely you resemble your siblings – that just means the laws governing genetics are staying on top of the game. And when people say you remind them of someone, I guess the mood changes depending on whether that someone is easy on the eye or horridly unappealing. It’s also quite revealing because you get to see which of your physical attributes people most remember.


But that’s besides the point. For all intents and purposes, let’s all agree (or agree to disagree, whatever makes you happy) that the similarities between some K-pop idols and sometimes fellow celebrities are quite uncanny. 


Here are a few look-a-likes that caught our attention!



Lee Joon and Jung Kyeo Woon 

This might be a lesser known resemblance, but we found Lee Joon of MBLAQ and actor Jung Kyeo Woon strangely reminiscent of one another. Both men flaunt angular features (namely their noses and jawlines) that give off a masculine vibe.


Jisook and Taeyeon 

Jisook of Rainbow and Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation have baby faces that’ll carry them well beyond their years. They’ve also sported similar hairstyles over the years.


Onew and Lee Won Geun

Though their eyes disappear altogether when they smile, Onew and Lee Won Geun’s pearly whites radiate and light up any room.


Eugene and Dara

With wide-set eyes, porcelain complexions, and pretty foreheads, Eugene of S.E.S and Dara of 2NE1 have a timeless face that some women vie to achieve artificially

T.O.P. and Joo Won

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, T.O.P. and Joo Won bear striking similarities – both have enviable height and intense, brooding eyes that make the back of your knees go weak. Imagine being in a room with the two of them…



…I’d pass out.


Nichkhun and Moon Geun Young

It’s hardly fair to begin with that Nichkhun and Moon Geun Young’s doe-eyes take up half their faces. But then it gets really unfair because their faces are the size of CD’s.


Look at them, though – don’t you want to hold their hands while they cross the street and buy them ice cream?
Go Hyun Jung and UEE

The casting directors over at MBC knew what they were doing when they casted UEE as the young Mishil (later played by Go Hyun Jung) for the hugely popular drama Queen Seon Duk. Both women have piercing eyes that seem to say “No peasant – if you like all your limbs intact, I wouldn’t mess with my last nerve today.” 

Shin Won Ho and L 

Perhaps this is emasculating, but Shin Won Ho and INFINITE’s L are just so pretty. And by pretty, I don’t mean “omg, look at his luscious locks and Bambi eyes.” These boys don’t even have Bambi eyes. Rather, their eyes are expressive in a different kind of way – playful? mysterious? Whatever it is, it works seamlessly.
Minah and Eunji

Speaking of eyes, Minah of Girl’s Day and Eunji of A Pink are quite famous for their melt-in-your-shoes eye smiles. Imagine having one of these in your flirting arsenal – you’d have the guy (or girl) in the palm of your hands in a matter of minutes.

CL and Jung Juri

Then we have the infamous resemblance between 2NE1’s CL and comedian Jung Juri. Let’s not misunderstand anything – both women are extraordinarily talented in their respective endeavors, and they’ve undoubtedly left a mark on the entertainment industry that won’t be erased anytime soon.


But getting back to the subject of similarities, oh man… Their eyes are charismatic in the sense that they look like button slits. And in an industry that is predominantly (if not artificially) brimming with wide-eyed idols, that’s quite the breath of fresh air.


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