[News] B2ST’s Junhyung opened instagram account



B2ST’s Junhyung instagram open an account with the username ‘bigbadboii’, first uploaded selca above then wrote “Thank you Malaysia”


Then he wrote, “We say ‘say fighting’. The same word, different interpretations. ”


Recently, he uploaded a second photo cat, “Finally, introduce Ray and Tigger. Good evening! ”


B2ST Junhyung membuka akun instagram dengan username ‘bigbadboii‘, mengunggah selca pertama diatas kemudian menulis “Terima kasih Malaysia :) ”




Kemudian ia menulis,”Kami dibilang ‘katakan fighting’. Kata yang sama, beda interpretasi.”




Terakhir, ia mengunggah foto kedua kucingnya, “Terakhir, perkenalkan Ray dan Tigger. Selamat Malam!”


shared by allkpop

indotrans infinitize@koreanindo.net


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