[News] Yuri SNSD signaled a new sub-unit ??



Yuri Girls’ Generation left a message online, which netizens quickly guess that the new sub-unit is currently in process.

On June 25, Yuri and Yoona posted a photo of himself on Instagram along with the message, in English, “Coming soon, yoonyul, ilikeyou.”

Previously he uploaded a picture in the same account with a brief description, “Recording.” Shows Image close-up of a lyric sheet contained many notes written on it.


Yuri Girls’ Generation meninggalkan pesan online, yang netizens dengan cepat menebak bahwa sub-unit baru saat ini sedang dalam proses.

Pada tanggal 25 Juni, Yuri memposting foto dirinya dan Yoona di Instagram bersama dengan pesan, dalam bahasa Inggris, “Coming soon, yoonyul, ilikeyou.”

Sebelumnya dia mengupload gambar di akun yang sama dengan keterangan singkat, “Recording.” Menunjukkan Gambar close-up dari lembaran lirik yang tertera banyak catatan tertulis di atasnya.


Source : soompi

Indotrans : tiarakim@koreanindo.net

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