[News] Yoon Si Yoon admitted phobia of water and heights

yoon si yoon


In SBS Barefooted Friends June 23, the members are challenged to menyelam.Dalam this event, Yoon Si Yoon says, “I’m suffering from hydrophobia (water phobia). I also have a phobia of heights, and I could not jump from a high place. ”
Yoon Si Yoon looks very nervous when standing board jump just as high as 1 meter and when the personal interview, he said, “I feel it’s like 7meter high and because the water is crystal clear. When the water touched my face, I began to breathe it because of a fear of heights. ”

However, SI Yoon Yoon successful shows style and wonderful diving coach said, “If he can maintain his posture, he can jump from a height of 10m with no problems.”


Dalam SBS Barefooted Friends 23 Juni lalu, para member ditantang untuk menyelam.Dalam acara ini, Yoon Si Yoon mengatakan,”Aku mengidap hydrophobia (fobia air). Aku juga punya fobia ketinggian dan aku tidak bisa melompat dari tempat yang tinggi.”
Yoon Si Yoon terlihat sangat gugup ketika berdiri di papan lompat yang hanya setinggi 1meter dan ketika wawancara personal, ia mengatakan,” aku merasa itu seperti 7meter tingginya dan karena air yang jernih. Ketika air itu menyentuh wajahku, aku mulai menghirupnya karena takut ketinggian. “

Bagaimanapun, Yoon SI Yoon sukses menunjukkan gaya menyelam yang indah dan pelatih mengatakan,”Jika ia bisa menjaga posturnya, ia bisa melompat dari ketinggian 10m tanpa masalah.”


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