[News] A-Prince released a teaser for ‘MAMBO’ featuring Si Yoon




Preparing to return with a second mini album titled ‘Mambo’, A-Prince reveals teaser featuring Siyoon. Previously they released a teaser SUNGWON, Seungjun and Minhyuk, video clip for ‘My Lady’ and will promote the song ‘Mambo’ after its release on 25 June.


Bersiap kembali dengan album mini kedua bertajuk ‘Mambo’, A-Prince mengungkapkan teaser menampilkan Siyoon.  Sebelumnya mereka merilis teaser SungwonSeungjun dan Minhyuk, video klip untuk ‘My Lady’ serta akan mempromosikan lagu ‘Mambo’ setelah perilisannya pada 25 Juni mendatang.


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