Girl’s Day has released their first album repackage “Female President” is filled with the sound of a talented group!

Album covers featuring photos of the member in front of the podium with lambangyang featuring the words “Female President”. The title track, “Female President” displays the charisma of the meber, a mixture of confidence and sexiness “. Video music is classic, sexy and very fun.


Girl’s Day telah merilis album repackage pertama mereka “Female President” diisi dengan suara dari kelompok berbakat!

Sampul album menampilkan foto para member di depan podium dengan lambangyang  menampilkan kata-kata “Female President”. Judul lagu, “Female President” menampilkan karisma para meber, campuran antara kepercayaan diri dan keseksian”. Video musiknya pun klasik, seksi dan sangat menyenangkan.

Source : allkpop

Indotrans : tiarakim@koreanindo.net


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