[News] KARA to Release Japanese Single All 9 in July



KARA will release their 9th Japan simultaneously with the arrival of summer, “Thank You Summer Love”.

After their success with the 8th Japanese single, “Bye Bye Happy Days!”, KARA is now giving fans something new to them. “Thank You Summer Love” is a pop song and a funny and refreshing in the summer.

“Summer Love Than You” will be released and we can listen to start on July 24.


KARA akan merilis single Jepang ke-9 mereka bersamaan dengan datangnya musim panas, “Thank You Summer Love”.

Setelah mereka meraih kesuksesan dengan single Jepang ke-8, “Bye Bye Happy Days!”, kini KARA memberikan sesuatu yang baru untuk fans mereka. “Thank You Summer Love” adalah lagu pop lucu dan dan menyegarkan di musim panas.

“Than You Summer Love” akan dirilis dan bisa kita dengarkan mulai pada 24 Juli.


Source : dkpopnews

Indotrans : tiarakim@koreanindo.net

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