[News] Photos of ‘Coming Soon’ miss A’s Suzy and Jia Turns to Baek Ah Yeon Comeback!

Say A dream (as fans miss A) to see their idol’s comeback to the music scene is unlikely to materialize. Because the photograph reads ‘Coming Soon’ which on Tuesday (12/06) and then uploaded by the two members miss A, Suzy and Jia through his Twitter account each comeback was not to miss A.

The photos were apparently unknown is a form of participation Jia and Suzy for a comeback in the second teammate agency JYP Entertainment, which Baek Ah Yeon. On Wednesday (12/06), the singer graduated talent show ‘K-Pop Star’ has released a teaser video titled ‘Comeback Special SuJiAhYeon’ (Suzy + + Jia Ah Yeon) who shows Suzy, Jia, and Baek Ah Yeon holds a board with different paper.

Just like in the post twitter account Suzy and Jia, both seen holding a sign that read “A Bad Girl, A Good Girl” and “A Bad Boy, A Good Boy”. Writing board combines Suzy and Jia, Baek Ah Yeon is seen holding a placard with the title of the mini-album, ‘A Good Girl’ and the single of the album, entitled ‘A Good Boy’.

Corresponding article in the illustration on the video teaser, finalists ‘K-Pop Star’ is his plan will soon comeback with a mini album released on June 17. Earlier, in the year 2012 and Baek Ah Yeon has released her first album, titled ‘I’m Baek’.

Listen Baek Ah Yeon MV teaser below:

Impian para Say A (sebutan fans miss A) untuk melihat sang idola comeback ke panggung musik sepertinya belum akan terwujud. Pasalnya, foto bertuliskan ‘Coming Soon’ yang pada Selasa (12/06) lalu diunggah oleh dua member miss A, Suzy dan Jia melalui akun Twitter nya masing-masing ternyata bukan untuk comeback miss A.

Foto tersebut ternyata diketahui merupakan bentuk partisipasi Jia dan Suzy untuk comeback rekan satu agensi keduanya di JYP Entertainment, yaitu Baek Ah Yeon. Pada Rabu (12/06), penyanyi jebolan ajang pencarian bakat ‘K-Pop Star’ ini telah merilis sebuah video teaser berjudul ‘Comeback Spesial SuJiAhYeon’ (Suzy+Jia+Ah Yeon) yang memperlihatkan Suzy, Jia, dan Baek Ah Yeon memegang sebuah papan dengan tulisan berbeda.

Sama seperti di postingan akun twitter Suzy dan Jia, keduanya terlihat memegang papan bertuliskan “A Bad Girl, A Good Girl” dan “A Bad Boy, A Good Boy”. Mengombinasikan papan tulisan Suzy dan Jia, Baek Ah Yeon terlihat memegang papan bertuliskan judul mini albumnya, ‘A Good Girl’ dan single dalam album tersebut yang berjudul ‘A Good Boy’.

Sesuai tulisan tanggal dalam gambar ilustrasi teaser video tersebut, finalis ‘K-Pop Star’ ini rencana nya akan segera comeback dengan merilis sebuah mini album pada 17 Juni mendatang. Sebelumnya, di tahun 2012 lalu Baek Ah Yeon telah merilis album perdananya yang bertajuk ‘I’m Baek’.

Simak teaser MV Baek Ah Yeon berikut ini:

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