[News] The controversy involved, Position Yoo Se Yoon Eun Ji Won Succeeded In Barefoot Friends

Terlibat Kontroversi, Posisi Yoo Se Yoon Digantikan Eun ji Won Di Barefoot Friends
Because of
his involvement would be cases of driving under the influence of alcohol, Yoo Se Yoon also decided to resign from his position in Barefoot SBS variety show Friends. Vacant position will be replaced by the other variety show personality Eun Ji Won.

We decided to include Eun Ji Won as Yoo Se Yoon decides to leave Barefoot Friends,” said the representative of SBS. Although he still appeared in Barefoot Friends episode last week, the upcoming filming Yoo Se Yoon will not appear again, and was replaced by Eun Ji Won.

Friends Barefoot filming the latest episode was conducted June 9 no longer attended by Yoo Yoon se. But the production is still giving the possibility of Yoo Se Yoon will be back into the program.

Now this party was cleaning Eun Ji Won contract details to become a permanent member of the Barefoot Friends and join with Kang Ho Dong, Kim hyun joong, Yoo Yoon shi, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bum Soo and Uee. It is time to 2 working Eun Ji Won Kang Ho Dong dengna, before they have become a favorite of viewers while performing in a variety show, 1 Night 2 days. Ready to see the action Eun Ji Won in Barefoot Friends?


Karena keterlibatannya akan kasus mengendarai mobil dibawah pengaruh alkohol, Yoo Se Yoon pun memutuskan untuk mengundurkan diri dari posisinya dalam variety show SBS Barefoot Friends. Posisinya yang kosong akan digantikan oleh variety show personality lainnya yaitu Eun Ji Won.

“Kami memutuskan untuk memasukan Eun ji won setelah Yoo Se Yoon memutuskan untuk meninggalkan Barefoot Friends,” ungkap perwakilan dari SBS. Walaupun ia masih muncul dalam episode Barefoot Friends minggu lalu, dalam syuting mendatang Yoo Se Yoon tidak akan muncul lagi dan digantikan oleh Eun Ji Won.

Syuting Barefoot Friends episode terbaru yang dilakukan 9 Juni pun tidak dihadiri lagi oleh Yoo se Yoon. Namun pihak produksi masih memberi kemungkinan adanya Yoo Se Yoon akan kembali ke dalam program tersebut.

Sekarang ini pihak Eun Ji Won sedang membereskan detail kontraknya untuk menjadi anggota permanen dari Barefoot Friends dan bergabung bersama Kang Ho Dong, Kim hyun joong, Yoo shi Yoon, Eunhyuk Super Junior, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bum Soo dan Uee. Ini adalah kali ke 2 Eun Ji Won bekerja sama dengna Kang Ho Dong, sebelumnya keduanya telah menjadi favorit pemirsa saat tampil dalam variety show, 1 Night 2 days. Siap melihat aksi Eun ji won dalam Barefoot Friends?

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